Why We're Different

Our Customer Service:

We have one philosophy at Hidden Bay Graphics. The customer comes first. We know that if it doesn't work for YOU, it won't work for us!! Friendly voices at the other end of the phone line and someone to help you every time. Hidden Bay Graphics is committed to on-time delivery, high-quality products and fair pricing. We make sure you get more "bang for your buck"!

Our Art Department:

There's a full service in-house Art Department at Hidden Bay. Our art staff are pretty amazing!! They can make your idea or concept come to life. You don't need to be an artist yourself, that's what they are here for, so let your imagination run wild and leaved the rest to us!!

Our Embroidery Department:

Our embroidery team is nothing short of genius. They are precise and know all the ins and outs of our equipment and the garments they decorate. And talk about putting great colors together - they make it an art form. So let the pros chose your thread colors and let us do the work for you, it's what we do after-all!

New equipment was recently added and we can produce more than ever before. Quieter running and faster run times make us highly competitive in price and able to get your orders out quickly. There's only one problem! Our products are so good that we have a hard time finding souvenirs when we go on vacation!!

Embroidery Digitizing:

Quality is at the forefront of everything we produce. Therefore, our digitizing (creating an embroidery file that teaches the machine where every stitch goes) is done in-house. In-house digitizing allows us to make sure your logo is perfect and we can tweak as needed based on initial stitch-outs of your logo. We are able to look at your logo prior to producing a single garment to make sure it looks perfect.

Custom Appliqué and Lettering:

All of our twill that we use in the embroidered appliqué process is also cut in-house. This gives us the ability to create unique garments just for you. In addition we also cut custom names and numbers. We have available a thermo-film (think name on the back of a jersey) and glitter film (great for making a splash). Whether your looking for a name or number on your garment or a fun shirt for a Bridal Party we can create custom items for you at a quick pace and affordable cost.

Cut and Sew Department:

The most common thing we hear is, "You actually hand-sew all of these items?" The answer is yes! We design patterns, cut, sew and decorate all of our Technical and Performance Apparel right here in our factory. From pattern design to finished product your garments are made in the USA. You can see our apparel throughout the US and in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Screen Printing Department:

This is a busy, busy area in the factory. It's not uncommon to see a thousand or more shirts go through the dyer on a daily basis. With 4 printing presses running, flashing units and dyers running it's top speed and top quality first and foremost. Top of the line inks are used to ensure your garment lasts and lasts. We still have the very first t-shirt we ever printed when we opened the doors. A wide variety of specialty inks are also available. Glitter, Glow-in-the-Dark, Gel, Suede, Puff, Reflective and Neon to name a few. You want it we've got it!

Quality Control:

Every item that leaves our facility goes through numerous QC checks. First when it arrives, before decorating and again after it has been decorated and is ready to ship to you. We've empowered ALL of our staff regardless of which department they work in to be Quality Control Inspectors ensuring you the best of what we do!