Sports Apparel FAQ's                                            

Q- What sports do you specialize in?

A- Cycling, Triathlon, Running and Nordic Skiing. But, our patterns and fabrics can me modified into whatever you can come up with. Keep in mind if we do develop something new, the customer will be required to pay certain set up charges.

Q- Can I find a local retailer to try on your garments?

A- We do sell to local triathlon and cycling shops. Since we produce custom apparel, the local retailer may or may not have items to fit you with. It is best to order a sample kit from Hidden Bay Sports.

Q- Do you charge me for the "Sample Sizing Kit"?

A- No, we do not. We do take a credit card number to be used as a security deposit. All garments are to tried on for size only. They are not intended to be worn for any sort of workout. They will need to be returned in good condition.

Q- How long does a custom order take?

A- Normally 6-7 weeks once artwork is finalized. Certain times of the year this may be shorter or longer. Please check with our customer service team to establish the current work load. Busy season tends to be from Feb 1st thru the end of August.

Q- I need a custom design and am limited in my design ability, how do I get started?

A- Hidden Bay Sports has all the design talent right here. We can work with you to get a great looking kit. Art charges may apply.

Q- Where is your product made?

A- We proudly own and operate our facility right here in the USA. A vast majority of our products are designed and produced in America. Please ask your customer service representative for any specific sourcing questions.