Start Your TeamStore

What is a HBG TeamStore?

Hidden Bay Sports was a leader in the custom clothing industry to offer web stores to clubs and teams in 2009. Many team captains struggle with handling all aspects of custom apparel. We take much of the work load off your shoulders. We help design the kits, open the store, take in the money and ship the order to each athlete. 


Who is eligible to open a store?

Anyone. Hidden Bay has helped hundreds of teams and clubs organize the purchasing of team or club kits. We have also worked with Dealers (resellers) and event promoters.


How will my team store look?

Check a live store by going to . Click on TEAM STORE on the top bar. Check out our current roster of web store. If by chance there are none active, let us know, we can log you in to a remote site.


Is it safe to use my credit card on the Hidden Bay store?

Certainly, we have a secured site which is backed up by Starfield Secured Certificate Authority.  The connection is encrypted using RC4_128, with SHA1 for message authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism.


How long will it take for my order to be produced?

Hidden Bay will  set all the open/close dates with the team coordinator before the store is opened. A ship date is set once the store is closed. Normally 6-7 weeks from the time the store closes. 


Is tax included in the price of my order?​

All orders in the state of Wisconsin will pay 5.5% tax unless the customer is a certified reseller. Out of state orders do avoid all sales tax. 



Online Team Store FAQs


How much does it cost to open a online team store for my group? 

Hidden Bay Sports does have a published 12 pc minimum per style on all custom clothing items. Based on this minimum, we set up team stores "free of charge" for our customers. Please contact Hidden Bay Graphics for more information.


What products can we offer on our HBS store?​

 Since HBG owns our web stores, we reserve the right to offer our own products. If you have other related products that HBG does not manufacture , this may be considered. Contact HBG for more details.


What is the timeline for setting up a team store and getting finished products shipped?​

All team stores are different. If you are a first time customer, the process does take a bit longer. First, we need to set up all the artwork. This process could take 2-3 weeks. Once the art is set, we can go ahead a set up your store. Web stores are normally open between 2-4 weeks. Once the store closes, we batch all orders and produce the products in bulk. Production is normally 5-7 weeks. Overall, the process can take 8-12 weeks , start to finish. Repeat orders can avoid the art set up process. 


What's the timeline for getting the team store set up and then for getting our finished apparel?

It normally takes just a few days to set up your custom team store once we have approved art for your design.  Your online team store will be set up with a DUE DATE or deadline for orders.  The due date is customarily set about 2 -3 weeks after the time the store opens.  This gives your group members adequate time to order their custom apparel.  At the due date, our staff will close the web store and process all of the orders.  Approximately one week later the apparel will be decorated, bagged and tagged into individual orders.  The orders will be either delivered or shipped to you as the group leader shortly thereafter.      


How do you ship the orders once they are complete?​

We can send your clothing a couple different ways:


  1. Standard - We send your custom clothing directly to your residence or place of business.
  2. Bulk orders - we can pre pack all orders for your team , package separately by individual athlete which will be packaged in a master pack. Your teammates can come by once the product has been delivered to pick up his or her order.